One Future catches bag limit of herring with latest report

The best arguments are guided by unbiased data and based on sound conclusions. Skewed data, overplayed results, and gross speculation does not inspire trust or faith in a researcher and leaves a reader guessing as to what else is being withheld.

A recent economic analysis on the cost of methane abatement by a natural gas industry group, One Future, inspires not only questions of the study’s validity, but also of the group’s motivation for publishing a clearly inconclusive study. With board members from gas production companies such as Apache and Hess Corps, it’s of no shock the report broke from several other scientific studies to find the cost to reduce methane emissions is substantially higher than previously thought and will cause a severe economic burden on many oil and gas producers.

However, if red herring are what One Future intended to catch with this insider report, they’ve caught their bag limit. Of many apparent examples in this report, here are a few we’ve found to be the fishiest:

Red Herring #1: The study uses outdated emissions estimates that are substantially lower than current data suggest

Red Herring #2: The study uses inflated estimates for the costs of compliance.

Red Herring #3: The study understates the benefits of reducing methane waste.

For taxpayers, communities, and states, the economic benefit of adopting methane waste rules is crystal clear: millions and millions will be generated each year in revenue and royalties. However, oil and gas producers will need to be more accountable for the publicly owned resources they waste, which is apparently incentive enough for a gas coalition group to use misleading data and shoddy statistics to mislead readers in an attempt to advance an economic agenda.

Instead of fishing in unfamiliar waters, One Future should stick to what it does: “Identify policy and technical solutions that yield continuous improvement in the management of methane emissions…” BLM’s methane waste rule would be one such policy.

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