Rob’s Realty – Rob Bishop’s Quest to Sell Off Our Public Lands

Call Rob Bishop now at (202) 225-0453 and tell him to stand up for America’s lands—not sell them off to the highest bidder. 

Utah Congressman Rob Bishop is on a mission to sell America’s lands to the highest bidder

BISHOP_arches&staircaseAs the powerful chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, Rob Bishop is supposed to help protect and oversee the irreplaceable natural resources that belong to all Americans.

Instead, he’s on a crusade to gut our national parks and sell off our wildlife refuges and forests – and he’s standing up for a small group of extremists  who are using threats and violence to make their point, instead of standing with the majority of Americans who value our parks and our outdoor heritage.

Rob Bishop doesn’t think it’s constitutional for the American people to own American lands

In 2011, Bishop claimed that the U.S. constitution doesn’t allow the government to own and manage lands on behalf of the American people.

Making his privatization agenda crystal clear, Bishop told a reporter:

“…there are whole other pieces of land and property that could easily be developed and should be developed and there’s no reason for the federal government to keep them.” (ThinkProgress, October 27, 2011)

Bishop then went on to create a congressional “action group” designed to seize and sell off American public lands. Rather than doing his job as a legislator and committee chairman, Bishop continues to hold one-sided hearings to advance his out-of-touch agenda.

Rob Bishop tried to kill America’s most important parks program

In 2015, Bishop turned into a one-man army against the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which has successfully protected America’s parks for the last 50 years.

Abusing his authority as a committee chairman, Bishop refused to even allow a hearing on a bill with 200 bipartisan cosponsors to permanently renew the fund. Instead, he proposed his own bill that would have gutted the fund—while funneling money into training oil and gas workers.

Following a disastrous reaction from all corners, Rob Bishop never introduced his bill, and LWCF was temporarily renewed by Congress over his objections.

Rob Bishop chooses anti-parks militant extremists over law enforcement 

As armed militants took over a national wildlife refuge in Oregon this month, Rob Bishop had an opportunity to stand behind America’s public lands. Instead, he sided with the extremists.

In an appalling disregard for law enforcement, park rangers, and scientists, Bishop blamed the victims, saying:

“This did not have to take place. If the Department of Interior was concerned about people instead of dogma this situation would not have occurred.”

The Natural Resources Committee needs a chairman who works on behalf of the American people and American lands.

Call Rob Bishop now at (202) 225-0453 and tell him to stand up for America’s lands—not sell them off to the highest bidder. 

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