Roosevelt fanboy Zinke poised to gut landmark Roosevelt legislation

Chris Saeger, Executive Director of the Western Values Project, released the following statement in response to reports that the Trump administration intends to review recent designations of national monuments:

“Secretary Zinke is apparently a willing pawn in a Manhattan real estate developer’s plan to open up iconic landscapes to drilling and mining. We’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn we’ll sell to anyone who believes this review will result in anything but an attempt to unlawfully gut protections for public land.”

“President Rosevelt signed the Antiquities Act and used it to protect hundreds of thousands of acres of land in places like the Grand Canyon through monument designations. If Secretary Zinke were truly an “unapologetic admirer” of that legacy he would tell President Trump to back off.”

“As part of his review of the Bears Ears monument, we hope Secretary Zinke also reviews Congressman Rob Bishop’s failed legislative alternative – the Public Lands Initiative. The monument only came into being because Congress failed to protect the area through bills like the PLI, so if Secretary Zinke scales back the monument, the area’s historic antiquities will be completely vulnerable to the ongoing threat of looting. “

Get the facts on how Secretary Zinke stacks up against President Roosevelt, the father of the National Monument system:

Read our report on how Congressman Bishop’s PLI was designed to fail at this link:

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