Sage Grouse Agreement Sets the Standard for 21st Century Conservation

Compromise and cooperation aren’t words you hear often in Washington these days, but you’re hearing them more and more out West where a landmark agreement to protect the Greater sage-grouse is setting the standard for 21st century conservation.

The agreement was the result of months of hard work as key stakeholders — ranchers, conservationists, sportsmen, business owners, and industry leaders — came together with local, state and federal agencies to develop commonsense solutions. This agreement came about because westerners came together to focus on shared interests rather than differences.

So why are some elected leaders trying to undermine a commonsense solution that’s good for the sage grouse and good for business?

Last month, the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service announced a historic land-use agreement that will protect millions of acres of sage grouse habitat while supporting responsible energy development and sustaining local businesses.

This agreement:

Westerners can’t afford to let Congress play special-interest politics with our outdoor economy and way of life. Congress should respect the hard work done by those of us here in the West who made this historic agreement possible by providing the funding and support we’ll need to implement this approach.

Working together to find commonsense solutions is a Western value that Washington could use a little more of these days.

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