Secretive American Lands Council Sees Membership Drop 45%

As the American Lands Council, the group advocating for the seizure of valuable public lands in the West, prepares to meet behind closed doors at an undisclosed location in Salt Lake City, a new investigation by the Western Values Project reveals that county memberships in the group have dropped an estimated 45% since the American Lands Council first published a list of members.  The results of the investigation were published today in High Country News.

Last year, ALC removed from its website their list of counties who pay annual dues to the group. To determine the current membership, WVP filed formal information requests to the 53 counties formerly listed as members, and found that a substantial number, up to 45%, are no longer members.  The membership status of another 19% is unclear, as county officials have either not responded to requests for information, or because counties are undecided about renewing membership. The remaining 36% are still members.  Correspondence with individual counties is available upon request.

This comes on the heels of more bad news for the group’s land transfer agenda, after a report by the Conference of Western Attorneys General concluded that lawsuits seeking to force the transfer of federal lands to states are unlikely to succeed.  The group voted 11-1 to accept the report’s findings, leaving little doubt in the reports conclusions.

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