#mailboxgate: Chaffetz has the wrong priorities on Bears Ears

Congressman Jason Chaffetz is boldly preparing to mobilize the full force and might of the powerful HouseHouse Committee on Oversight and Government Reform over a suspicious Tweet about a mail slot in the Bryce Canyon National Park office in Utah.

The mail slot joins Sid the Science Kid in the sights of Congressman Chaffetz, as he continues his quest for justice against anything that doesn’t resemble serious wrongdoing by politicians and the government.

What is coming at the expense of the attention paid to the mail slot? Any investigation by Chaffetz’s committee in to potential Russian interference in the 2016 elections, among other things.

See, for example, this Tweet from longtime Trump ally Roger Stone just days before the results of a Russian hack of the Clinton campaign were published on Wikileaks.

What did Roger Stone know and when did he know it? For that matter, what did then-candidate Trump know about Russian interference in the elections?

If we’re going to find out, it won’t be because Congressman Chaffetz’s committee launched an investigation based on Stone’s tweet, because he has instead set his sights on cartoon characters and the filing practices of National Parks.

This is just the latest example of the counter-productive partisan spectacle Utah politicians have created around the Bears Ears National monument. The escalating level of vitriol the Governor and Congressional delegation have generated over this issue has resulted in the loss of $45 million to the state’s economy.

If that weren’t bad enough, now the mess politicians like Congressman Chaffetz have created over Bears Ears is coming at the expense of the integrity of American democracy.


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