Statement from Western Values Project on Bizarre Inspector General Mix-Up

After reports earlier this week that that the Interior Department’s Acting Inspector General would be replaced with a political appointee from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Interior Department today issued a statement that the reported replacement was “false information” and that in fact the Interior’s Acting Inspector General, Mary Kendall, would be staying in her job.

Statement from Chris Saeger, Executive Director of Western Values Project:

“It’s truly bizarre that it took Secretary Zinke’s office more than a day to correct a story that they now claim is false. Either Secretary Zinke’s office is not being truthful or they’re just not competent enough to perform basic functions. Regardless, the Office of Inspector General is vital to a well-functioning Interior Department. After this embarrassing incident, we demand that Secretary Zinke commit supporting a professional, independent IG who can act with integrity.”

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