WEA lawsuit appears to blame BLM for low oil prices

On August 11th, the Western Energy Alliance (WEA) filed suit against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) claiming that, by “cancelling” certain recent federal lease sales, BLM has not done its job of holding quarterly lease sales in each state.

This latest chapter in WEA’s ongoing crusade against the BLM and against responsible, balanced management of our shared public lands represents a new low, distorts the reality of oil and gas leasing on American public lands and, if successful, would only lead to more unwarranted locked gates and “no-access” signs leading to our public lands.

First of all, it’s misleading to suggest that BLM has cancelled lease sales outright. The truth is that many recent sales were deferred because industry failed to actually nominate any lands for leasing, and that other sales were rescheduled for safety reasons related to a dramatic rise in public attendance at BLM lease sales.

What’s more is that industry already has a massive surplus of unused leases on federal lands.

WEA’s latest lawsuit is a thinly veiled attempt to blame BLM and the public for the consequences of low oil and gas prices. And now, at a time when oil prices are predicted to remain low, industry wants to lock up even more of our treasured public lands

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