WVP Launches moneytrails.org To Expose Anti-Public Lands Efforts

Today, Western Values Project launched Money Trails, a new website that tracks the connections between special interest groups, public officials, and anti-public lands legislation in the West. At launch, the Money Trails website contains information on 15 anti-public lands groups operating in four Western states –Arizona, Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico. Money Trails also provides important context for these groups’ activities, profiling 46 federal and state officials involved in lands policy, and examining more than 35 legislative proposals that have potential impacts on public lands.

“Every day, America’s public lands and national monuments are put at risk by special interests and industry groups,” said Chris Saeger, Executive Director of Western Values Project. “Money Trails will be used in the fight to protect our public lands to empower citizens by informing them about the anti-public lands efforts taking place in their states.”

The website will be a tool to bring much-needed information to the debate about public lands policy, showing how anti-public lands actors shape legislation and influence elected officials. Going forward, Money Trails will continue tracking anti-public lands efforts and special interest groups across the West. Tips on anti-public lands and special interest groups, public officials and legislation can be submitted via the website.

Some of the anti-public lands actors highlighted on Money Trails include:

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