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PETITION: Demand answers from the Interior Department

Demand answers from Interior
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Good news: The Interior Department is finally under investigation for its shady relocation of the Bureau of Land Management to a Colorado building where its neighbors include mega oil and gas corporations.

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The House Natural Resources Committee voted last week to give Chairman Raúl Grijalva the power to subpoena Interior, along with several other Trump administration departments. The chairman is expected to use the power, in part, to get to the bottom of the reckless BLM relocation effort that few seem to support – aside, of course, from Interior Secretary Bernhardt’s special interest industry allies and former lobbying clients.

For months, Interior Secretary Bernhardt dodged the Committee’s questions and requests for documents, so much so that Chairman Grijalva was forced to demand subpoena power. Now, Bernhardt will finally be forced to comply with this necessary and important investigation.

To help ensure that the investigation exposes the true motives for the BLM’s move, and the extent of corruption within Interior, we wrote up seven critical questions that need answers.

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Secretary Bernhardt’s culture of corruption must be held accountable and the more signatures we get, the more likely Congress will hear our voices and act. Thank you for joining us in fighting corruption and protecting our Western way of life.

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