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Add your name now to tell the Trump administration: Don’t bail out Big Oil!

Tell the Trump Administration:
No Big Oil Bailout.

Thousands of Americans are dying from COVID-19. Unemployment is skyrocketing to record levels. And millions are struggling to pay rent and put food on the table. But instead of helping the American people during this national crisis, the Trump administration is focused on bailing out the oil industry.

Add your name now to tell the Trump administration: Don’t bail out Big Oil! Help the millions of hardworking Americans who are struggling during the pandemic.

It’s disgusting but true: Interior Secretary David Bernhardt “promised to quickly process targeted royalty relief” for big oil corporations. Translation: These corporations wouldn’t have to make full payments to the federal government for using public lands to extract oil and gas.

Basically, Trump will bail out billion-dollar oil corporations during this crisis while millions of unemployed Americans wait for needed relief, wondering how they are going to feed their families. And, the Trump administration is using the pandemic as a distraction to continue their deregulatory agenda by rolling back environmental protections.

By now it’s not surprising that as a former Big Oil lobbyist, Bernhardt is prioritizing billion-dollar oil corporations over the American people. Nor is it shocking that dozens of members of Congress are aggressively pushing for the bailout. (After all, Big Oil bankrolled their campaigns!) Some members even proposed letting the administration buy $3 billion worth of oil to further prop up the industry, while their own constituents continue to desperately struggle to make ends meet.

But while it may not be surprising, it is horrifying and it is unacceptable. Our government works for us, not Big Oil. We need them to focus on the public’s immediate needs during the COVID- 19 pandemic. Will you sign this petition demanding that the Trump administration NOT bail out Big Oil but instead focus on helping the American people during this crisis?

Thank you for continuing to stand with us against corruption.

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