Avery Whitehead


November 20, 2020 by

The Trump administration had the worst environmental and public lands record in modern history

The Trump administration is, very thankfully, on the way out the door.  But in its one four year term alone, it managed to accrue the WORST conservation, environmental, and public […]

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News Releases

August 4, 2020 by

Statement: Signing Public Lands Bill Can’t Wash Away President Trump’s and Complicit Senators’ Dirty Reality

The Trump Administration Ushered in Most Anti-Environmental, Anti-Public Lands Record in History  HELENA, MT – In response to President Trump’s scheduled Great American Outdoors Act signing ceremony today, Western Values Project Director Jayson O’Neill […]

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June 18, 2020 by

Congress: Corrupt Interior Sec. Bernhardt’s Best Buddy Has To Go

Letter Demands Removal Of Interior Assistant Sec. Doug Domenech After Multiple Ethics Violations  HELENA, MT – With the majority of Americans rightfully focused on the ongoing crises, the corruption at […]

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