FACT CHECK: Refuting industry claims about the BLM rule to combat wasted natural gas

Lobbyists for big oil companies held another press conference today to spread false and misleading claims about the impacts of the BLM’s rule to cut back on natural gas that is wasted from oil production on national public lands.

Here’s another refutation of the same tired industry talking points:

MYTH: Implementing the rule will cost too much money for oil companies and cost jobs.
FACT: Economists have concluded that the rule will lead to an overall increase in productions and revenue.

MYTH:  The rule will lower the amount of royalties collected.
FACT: As stated above, the rule will lead to an increase in natural gas production, which means more royalties.

MYTH: There are already rules in place to do what the BLM rule does.
FACT: Variances and other measures in the rule allow states, such as Colorado, that already have strong methane standards to take steps to make sure the BLM rule isn’t duplicative.

MYTH: BLM can’t regulate this area.
FACT: BLM has broad authority to protect the public’s resources, including air quality.  (A recent court ruling agreed.)

MYTH: Industry representatives say costly methane emissions have gone down by 21% over a 20-year period, while production increased by almost 50%.
FACT: The EPA estimated in a 2017 review that emissions had dropped by only 2%.

Objective facts like those are just some of the reasons why polls show an overwhelming number of voters in Colorado and throughout the West support keeping the rule in place.

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