REPORT: As Wildfire Season Rages On, Trump Has Repeatedly Slashed Fire Management Budgets and Made the Problem Worse

HELENA, MT – As wildfires have raged across Western states in recent weeks amidst another record-breaking wildfire season that is destroying lives and communities, new research released by Western Values Project finds President Trump has repeatedly cut federal funding dedicated to preventing and mitigating the spread of wildfires. He has often rebuked experts within his administration and withheld funding for political reasons. And Trump blamed state officials to try to shirk responsibility – even though most of the fires are occurring on federal lands – while padding the pockets of logging companies.

“Trump has done everything except physically light a match to spark worsening wildfires across Western state lands that his government is responsible for managing. Time and again he’s cut budgets, resulting in fewer firefighters, less mitigation and land management, and decreased research to help prevent future deadly fires,” said Jayson O’Neill, Western Values Project director. “These actions are dangerous enough on their own, but it’s even worse knowing that Trump has withheld funding because the states most affected by wildfires didn’t vote for him in the 2016 election. Americans facing wildfires can’t afford political games and need a serious approach to wildfire management from the federal government.”

The Western Values Project research finds the following:


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