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The Western Values Project gives voice to the majority of Westerners who support a balanced approach to energy development on public lands. We fight to make sure elected leaders put Western values first through research, public education, and by working together with small businesses, farmers, ranchers, and sportsmen and sportswomen.

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Check Your Facts, WEA—BLM Rule’s Benefits Match Projected Costs

Recently, industry reps over at the Western Energy Alliance (WEA) spread some misinformation around regarding the Bureau of Land Management’s proposed rule to cut back on natural gas waste. Let’s get the facts straight—the rule, which is a win for taxpayers and public lands, has significant economic benefits. Unfortunately, WEA seems to be a little […]


Amendment to Energy Bill Shows Sen. Daines’ True Colors When it Comes to Helping Taxpayers

The Senate is in the process of wrapping up votes on a broad, bipartisan energy bill , and a number of senators have jumped in with last-minute amendments. That includes Montana Senator Steve Daines, who yesterday proposed a crafty amendment to tip the scales in favor of industry when it comes to the coal leasing reform by the […]


A few Senators want to poison the bipartisan energy bill with a toxic amendment

The snow in Washington, D.C. can’t keep the Senate away: today, the Senate will begin debate on the Energy Modernization Act, also known as the bipartisan energy bill. Led by Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairwoman Lisa Murkowski (AK), the bill contains a number of truly bipartisan provisions, such as efforts to increase renewable […]

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Rep. Rob Bishop’s PLI misses the mark when it comes to protecting western economies

A new planning initiative released today by Utah Representative and House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop is an attempted step in the right direction for a collaborative approach to public lands planning, yet fails to adequately protect Utah’s critical outdoor recreation economy and contains many freebies for the oil and gas industry. The plan […]


While Debt Ceiling Looms, Lawmakers Brainstorm Other Ways to Bankrupt States

This afternoon, Utah Congressman Rob Bishop’s Congressional “Federal Land Action Group” (FLAG), is holding a forum to discuss options for transferring federal lands back to state control. What the group won’t address, however, is that the idea of land transfer is hugely costly to states and taxpayers, is unpopular across the board with the public and would significantly restrict access to American public lands. At a time when […]

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Hey @WesternEnergy1 -- @BLMNational factsheet finds methane rule benefits >/= costs. More:

Amdmts to #energybill show Sen. Daines' true colors when it comes to helping out #coal over taxpayers: #fairshare

.@WesternEnergy1 actually, @BLMNational estimates $115-188 million / yr in benefits:

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