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The Western Values Project gives voice to the majority of Westerners who support a balanced approach to energy development on public lands. We fight to make sure elected leaders put Western values first through research, public education, and by working together with small businesses, farmers, ranchers, and sportsmen and sportswomen.

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ICYMI: Two Bipartisan op-eds show strong across-the-aisle support for Conservation Fund

Two opinion pieces published yesterday in national newspapers from members of both parties underscore the bipartisan importance of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). The first, from Representative Ryan Zinke (R-MT), is a call to members of his party to support this long-standing fund. The second, from former Secretary of the Interior and Colorado […]


Rep. Bishop wants to take from communities, give to oil companies with new LWCF bill

Yesterday, the House Natural Resources Committee held a hearing on Utah Representative Rob Bishop’s “discussion draft” for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF, or the Fund). In the past, at least 40% of the Fund has been set aside for projects on federal lands, but Rep. Rob Bishop’s draft proposes shrinking that number to a measly […]


Act now: Tell Rep. Rob Bishop it’s time to permanently reauthorize LWCF

Tell Rep. Rob Bishop it’s time to fully fund and permanently authorize America’s best parks program.  Western Values Project recently released new television advertisements and a print advertisement calling on members of Congress to act to safeguard the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), a 50 year-old federal program that Congress allowed to lapse in […]

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Westerners want a balanced approach to energy development, but industry polls are imbalanced

Industry lobbyists are touting a new poll that obscures the reality of Westerners’ attitudes about energy development.  What they miss is that while many Americans, including folks in the West, support a responsible, “all of the above” energy development, they don’t want it to happen at the expense of jobs in the outdoor industry that […]


While Debt Ceiling Looms, Lawmakers Brainstorm Other Ways to Bankrupt States

This afternoon, Utah Congressman Rob Bishop’s Congressional “Federal Land Action Group” (FLAG), is holding a forum to discuss options for transferring federal lands back to state control. What the group won’t address, however, is that the idea of land transfer is hugely costly to states and taxpayers, is unpopular across the board with the public and would significantly restrict access to American public lands. At a time when […]

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Rep. Rob Bishop: Out of touch with the West

Tomorrow, Utah congressman Rob Bishop will chair an oversight hearing entitled “Respecting State Authority in Regards to Resource Management and Energy Development” in his role as the House Natural Resources Committee’s chairman. The hearing was announced the same day as the Department of the Interior made their decision not to list the Greater sage-grouse under […]

Historic announcement from Interior paves the way for western economies to thrive alongside the Greater sage-grouse

Today, after years of hard work and unprecedented collaboration across all levels of westerners, the Interior Department came out with an historic announcement for American conservation. Thanks largely to the immense effort and cooperation of ranchers, sportsmen and women, farmers, hunters, small business owners, industry, and other western stakeholders, the Greater sage-grouse will not be listed under […]

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Things to be thankful for: our #publiclands. @RepRyanZinke and @KenSalazar tell us why:

Via the @sltrib ed board: Moab leasing plan represents a realistic compromise. @BLMNational

Really cool interactive map via @WstrnPriorities shows how YOUR congressional dist. has benefitted from #LWCF:

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