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The Western Values Project gives voice to the majority of Westerners who support a balanced approach to energy development on public lands. We fight to make sure elected leaders put Western values first through research, public education, and by working together with small businesses, farmers, ranchers, and sportsmen and sportswomen.

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Rep. Zinke backs coal company giveaway

For a long time, the federal government has given millions in taxpayer-funded subsidies to companies that want to mine for coal on public land — money that could go toward education, defense, and paying down our country’s massive debt.  Fortunately, the Department of Interior has stepped up to do something about this problem by introducing […]

WVP releases report detailing economic contributions of intact sagebrush habitat

Today, the Western Values Project released its Sagebrush Landscape Report, detailing the important contributions of sagebrush habitats to the economies of five regions across the West. The report follows the recently-released Department of Interior plans to protect the Greater sage-grouse as critical not only for sage-grouse populations, but also for the livelihoods in the West that rely […]

Get your facts here: Declining development is a factor of low oil prices, not regulation

In this morning’s BLM budget hearing, there’s likely to be lots of misinformation flying left and right. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with everything you might have wanted to know about the nitty-gritty details on trends in oil and gas production across the nation. In response to low crude oil prices,leasing and drilling have declined […]

Tomorrow’s BLM budget hearing will be more of the same. Only this time, the oil and gas market has changed

At the Interior Senate Appropriations Committee hearing tomorrow, BLM Director Neil Kornze is likely to face the same old misleading claims from some senators that oil companies are not profiting from drilling on federal lands.  But before you hear that exhausted rhetoric, make sure you know the facts: Leasing and drilling are down across the […]

ICYMI: Fidelity’s made strides in limiting flaring, but there’s still more to be done

Last Friday, Fidelity Exploration led a tour of their environmental safety infrastructure improvements on the public lands surrounding Moab, UT. The tourists: the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining (UDOGM), and the general public. Their touted infrastructure update includes a 25-mile pipeline to transport the gas that’s now being captured, instead of being flared. While it’s great to see the company take […]

Time to revisit the facts: NM oil industry wasting millions in tax revenue on natural gas

The oil industry lobby today is touting an expensive new PR campaign, which conveniently fails to mention that oil companies in New Mexico waste millions in tax dollars by burning off natural gas into the atmosphere every year. According to a recent Western Values Project study, New Mexico taxpayers have lost over $42.5 million in royalty payments […]

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Investors: Slashing #methane emissions is a smart business move @FortuneMagazine @BLMNational

Good op-ed in today's ABQ Jrnal: Industry should curb waste of natural gas--it's even a biz opportunity! @BLMNational

ICYMI it yesterday,a good read to kick things off: Montana rep aiming to undercut taxpayers' #fairshare @BLMNational

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