Rigged: Taxpayers pay for Big Oil companies’ profits from public lands

National parks, national forests, wildlife refuges, and recreation areas, as well as the minerals beneath them, belong to all Americans. The federal government holds these lands and resources in trust and is supposed to manage them for our benefit and the benefit of future generations. One need look no further than the paychecks of top […]

Rigged: Deadbeat tenants

Industry loves to complain about regulatory burdens and “red tape” on federal public lands. The reality, however, is that these same companies are systematically exploiting loopholes, subsidies and other special advantages that they enjoy. The system is actually rigged in such a way that allows companies to lease millions of acres of public lands for […]

Top Oregon legal officials see no case to sue for national lands

According to information obtained through public records requests of members of the Conference of Western Attorney’s General (CWAG), the office of the Oregon Attorney General does not believe that the state of Oregon has standing to sue for the transfer of federal public lands to the state. The results of the request can be downloaded […]

(Still) Open for business: Implementation of the BLM’s Sage Grouse Plans Continues to Allow for Multiple-Use Public Lands Management

A new report released today by the Western Values Project titled “Open For Business,” found, despite the false claims made by oil industry lobbyists and their allies in Congress that the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) fifteen sage-grouse land management plans would stifle development on public lands, the public lands have – as promised – stayed […]

REPORT: On 100 Year Anniversary, Oil & Gas Development Threatens “America’s Best Idea”

As the National Park Service celebrates 100 years of protecting and preserving some of America’s most spectacular landscapes and natural treasures, a disturbing trend has emerged as oil and gas development creeps ever closer to National Park Boundaries. According to a new report by Western Values Project, many of America’s most iconic parks & monuments […]

The Public Lands Initiative is too much, too late and unlikely to pass

Utah Representative Rob Bishop’s Public Lands Initiative (PLI) is “too much, too late” and is an unrealistic attempt to protect the endangered artifacts and cultural resources of the Bears Ears area, according to new analysis from the Western Values Project. You can download the full report at this link. The first hearing for Congresman Bishop’s bill […]

New analysis: Sagebrush conservation and energy development can coexist in the West

Western Values Project today released a new analysis that shows there is very minimal overlap between western oil and gas development acreage and priority Greater sage-grouse habitat, as designated in the proposed habitat management plans from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The analysis finds that in total, there is less than 13% overlap between the […]

WVP releases report detailing economic contributions of intact sagebrush habitat

Today, the Western Values Project released its Sagebrush Landscape Report, detailing the important contributions of sagebrush habitats to the economies of five regions across the West. The report follows the recently-released Department of Interior plans to protect the Greater sage-grouse as critical not only for sage-grouse populations, but also for the livelihoods in the West that rely […]

Anywhere and Everywhere: The Top Ten Most Shocking Places the Oil and Gas Industry is trying to Lease and Drill

National Geographic today featured a report released by Western Values Project that gives a “dishonorable mention” award to industry’s attempt to lease lands within town limits, water supplies, national parks, and even a cemetery in six states across the West. The report, entitled “Anywhere and Everywhere: The Top Ten Most Shocking Places the Oil and […]

REPORT: Robust Energy Development and Sage Brush Habitat Conservation Can Coexist

A new report commissioned by Western Values Project shows that almost none of the most important habitat for Greater sage-grouse is producing energy of any kind, and that there is very little land for productive future energy development in the sage-grouse’s habitat. Meanwhile, 73–81% of areas with medium to high potential for energy development fall […]

New WVP Report: Recreation Spending on BLM Sagebrush Lands Worth $1 Billion

Denver, CO – Today, along with Pew Charitable Trusts, Western Values Project released a new economic analysis, highlighting the important economic effects associated with recreation-related spending on sagebrush lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in 11 western states. The report, prepared by Eugene, Oregon firm ECONorthwest, finds that visits to BLM-managed lands in […]

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