Rigged: Access to drill

Secretary Zinke has already announced that he plans to make oil and gas development the “dominant” use of America’s public lands.  One could be forgiven for thinking that was not already the case.  Oil and gas companies have already leased 27.2 million acres of public lands – a land mass nearly equal in size to […]

Rigged: Taxpayers pay for Big Oil companies’ profits from public lands

National parks, national forests, wildlife refuges, and recreation areas, as well as the minerals beneath them, belong to all Americans. The federal government holds these lands and resources in trust and is supposed to manage them for our benefit and the benefit of future generations. One need look no further than the paychecks of top […]

Rigged: Big Oil, Big Subsidies

Every year, oil and gas companies make billions of dollars in profits from drilling on America’s public lands.  Yet, American taxpayers continue to subsidize these companies with bargain-basement royalty and rental rates. Oil and gas companies are passing the buck with minimum lease bids that are well below market value and reclamation bonds that impose […]

Rigged: Deadbeat tenants

Industry loves to complain about regulatory burdens and “red tape” on federal public lands. The reality, however, is that these same companies are systematically exploiting loopholes, subsidies and other special advantages that they enjoy. The system is actually rigged in such a way that allows companies to lease millions of acres of public lands for […]

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