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Greater Sage-Grouse

Featured Action: Tell Secretary Zinke

Stand with the West on sage grouse plans

The sage grouse plans are a success: a shining example of collaboration among communities, industries and stakeholders. But Washington has once again picked up its favorite political football and wants to tell the West what to do. Secretary Zinke is planning a top-down deregulation to disrupt state-based sage grouse plans. We need our leaders in […]

Featured Action: Tell Zinke to remember

What a difference two years makes

Two years ago, then-Congressman Ryan Zinke argued forcefully for permanently reauthorizing the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). But this year, as Interior Secretary, he’s watched quietly as President Trump cut funding for the program by 85% in his proposed DOI budget. What happened to Sec. Zinke’s promises to take immediate action to defend the […]

Featured Action: Tell Your Senator

Support the BLM Natural Gas Waste Rule

The wasteful practice of venting and flaring natural gas has been wasting over $330 million in taxpayer-owned American energy. We already have a solution – it’s the new BLM Natural Gas Waste rule. But no the Senate wants to let oil and gas companies off the hook with a Congressional Review Act (CRA) vote that could […]

Venting and Flaring Methane

Featured Action:

Tell your Senator to protect BLM rules against natural gas waste

Last year, the Bureau of Land Management finalized a rule that would limit methane pollution on our public lands. While oil and gas companies have been wasting natural gas, Westerners have been losing out on hundreds of millions of royalties. But some members of the Senate just can’t accept a balanced approach for industry and local businesses. […]

Featured Action: Tell BLM

Protect Zion National Park

The proposed oil and gas leases for land near Zion National Park could end up costing local communities and businesses untold millions in revenue. The BLM is accepting public comments through March 9. Tell BLM to stand up for taxpayers and protect our national parks from irresponsible leasing practices.

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